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Heal Your #MeToo Wound
I'm adding this Meetup to this group because from past experience with weight loss groups, it seems like a lot of people with weight issues have a #MeToo Wound in their past. Does your #MeToo wound still cause you emotional pain? Does it sometimes keep you from living the way you want to, even though you've told some people what happened or even had some therapy around it? If so, this Meetup may be for you. A #MeToo wound, like all trauma, has a residual effect. There are stuck emotions that haven't been released; there may be a sense of powerlessness around specific activities. In this Meetup group, you will learn healing techniques and practices to help you break free from the leftover fear, grief, pain, anger and shame from the #MeToo wound, even if some of those feelings have previously been submerged in the unconscious. When you release these emotions, the burden goes away. You will no longer feel like a victim. You'll be free to live your life the way you choose, with the sense of strength that arises when you move through and overcome an issue from your past. We'll release these emotions through visualization techniques and by moving the trapped energy out of our bodies. There won't be any screaming or loud crying, although some gentle tears may arise as we let go of previously stuck sensations from the past. These methods are simple; once you learn them, you can practice them anywhere, whenever the need arises. This won't be a place where we tell the story of what happened. We don't want our stories to trigger anyone else's pain. (If you need to tell your story, there are other venues where you can do this.) Instead, we will gently and briefly talk about the after-effects of the #MeToo event that we want to heal. Then we will work silently as a group, scanning our body to find the leftover sensations from our difficult experience, which we will then release mentally, energetically, visually and kinesthetically. I’m offering this Meetup as a response to watching the emotionally-charged testimony of Christine Blasey Ford. I was sad to see that she, like many people, was still suffering from what happened to her, even after therapy. I knew I could help other #MeToo survivors live a more comfortable life, by working with them to release the leftover emotions from their negative experiences. I’m Mahesh Grossman, a clinically certified hypnotherapist from Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management ( I have healed many #MeToo wounds of my own. Using my knowledge of hypnosis, psychodrama, and the images and intuition from my own inner work, I’ve created a “#MeToo toolbox” that is quite different from that of other therapists. These tools have helped both me and my clients get to the point where our #MeToo experiences no longer feel traumatic. They no longer affect our day-to-day life. And because of that, they are no longer painful to talk about. These events are just something that happened to us and we are okay. This is what it feels like to completely heal from trauma. The tools I will teach you work faster and will help mend your soul more completely than anything I ever experienced from many therapists who specialized in working with #MeToo victims. If you’d like the chance to heal from your #MeToo wound at the very deepest level, join this Meetup, which is for both women and men.

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Hypnosis actually helps you re-program your brain so that you eat less food, choose healthier options, and even exercise more. It will also heal emotional eating and addictions to specific foods. Plus you can discover and release any subconscious reasons you are holding on to the weight. (This last one can make a huge difference.)

Join this meetup to experience weight loss hypnosis at no cost. Each month there will be group hypnosis sessions designed to help you begin to meet your eating goals. We'll help you get in touch with the part of your unconscious that wants to help you change your eating. During a meeting there will be one or two things to work on hypnotically, then do a hypnotic "rehearsal" where you actually practice making the change in your mind. This has a real effect on how you eat afterwards.

Why does hypnosis work for weight loss? Brain images from Stanford show that hypnosis energizes the places in the brain in charge of planning, making choices, and
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Come see for yourself. Hypnosis is safe and relaxing. Many of my clients have said it's more relaxing than the best massage they've ever had. You'll still be completely in charge of yourself, but you will find it easier to eat better and lose the weight after our session.

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