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Hello hola .
I'm going to start by telling you guys why I made this group/meet up . Reason being that I want to help others and meet new people , make friends and form a deep bond like family with like minded peeps. I want to share some great knowledge and skills and wanna learn from others as well. Deep down since I was a kid I've always dreamed about helping others. And having fun exploring and learning more together. The idea of exploring new places and having camp out while bonding sounds so beautiful. I'm Going to mostly use keywords and short description . My last about us story accidentally got erased due to a glitch but I will edit and write a better story soon.
Well let's see so the dream / idea is to be Along great company , traveling to public parks near Bay Area and eventually through California and other states. Early morning sunrise and sunset sun gazing , star gazing , walking , jogging , running , bicycle riding, swimming , relaxing , meditation or just plain chilling outdoors. Other cool things would be Kayaking , camping ,photography , astrophotography. While on trips we can share stories ,ideas and strategies. One of the main focuses is to share my knowledge on subjests like the Lost arts of history and also teaching back to eden living. Things like permaculture gardening, healthy dieting and practices to cleanse the spirit, and unlocking mental clarity with certain forgotten ritual exercises . Another main focus is to learn how to grow our own food and learning about healthy plant based dieting for vitality and again mental clarity. Also martial arts, which helps mental fear, mental clarity , physical exercise and of course self defense. All these things symbioticly help us with stress, anxiety, and higher state of conscience. I want to share what I feel is the truths and lies about the world so we can Wake up out of the matrix. Let's be a family and make a difference in this chaotic dark world . Let's help each other through the pains and suffering with companionship and guidance. Nobody should feel alone and lost in this world . I want to help people find their true powers . We all also be getting into bloodline and the secret powers hidden in the blood types . Secrets to unlocking the Sixth sense through Hair biology, solar biology, skin biology, herbal cleansing and aroma therapy. Along the way we will have fun and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. There is light at the end of the tunnel . This could be heaven or hell on earth and we must realize that we are creators and can manifest anything we put our minds to. Of course it requires us to wipe away bad energy and learn how to unlock these powers . First we have to get back to eden. Let's help each other find inner peace in life while helping those who are lost around us as well . Today's world is full of darkness and lies . Let's unlock the truths and be the light to others. That is all I can describe for now. Sry busy busy busy with my job . I apologize . Hope to schedule a meet up soon. Please feel free to introduce yourself and or start discussion on thread or in private message . Helps so I know who the serious ones are and motivate me to schedule a meet up asap . Just message keyword (Interested )so I know who is super serious. !! Hope to meet everyone soon ! Peace and love !

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