What we're about

We love to dance, and we insist on absolutely great music to dance to.
And we know what we mean by great - fast, syncopated, eventful, real songs, full-on.
We're more interested in music we can get lost in than we are in style or genre: funk, latin, rockabilly, disco, punk, soul, rap, jazz...
We hate to be bored, and we LOVE TO DANCE.

The problem is - we can't find a club that plays enough of what we like to dance to.

So, if you like the music on this playlist, join this meetup.
If enough other people do the same, then maybe one of them will be a DJ, and we can find a venue - and have a dance party!

That's the plan!

Once a month, once a week, once a year - we'll be able to dance all night to stuff we can really get lost in...


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