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Buddhist and Meditaion Center. We host weekly several practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Several Types of Yoga, Koan, and Reiki events. We also host several teacher throughout the year. All are welcome who want practice, or are curious.

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Green Tara

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This is a Tibetan Buddhist Practice from the Kygu Tradition. Green Tara is a practice to help bring us to peace and overcome fears. This practice involves prasing and offering to Tara in all of her forms

Diety practice is meant to identify those best qualities of our true nature and place them of greater importance in our daily lives, than the other mundane things we do each day.

The Vajrayana techniques can help relax our minds and encourage those qualities manifest with ease.

Svaroopa® yoga with Ajeet – Revive! Stamina & Vitality Series

(Beginners Welcome!)

Let’s redefine what strength and vitality feel like by planting some intention with our yoga practice.

When you focus your mind in your mystical spine, this decompresses your tight vertebrae by unraveling tension from the tailbone to the top with four easy to learn poses.
In the ethereal spine lives the Kundalini energy-a type of golden thread, a lively serpent-a glow that gives you the burst to live your life; this creative potential lies dormant in each one of us at the base of our spine.

During this weekly yoga series you will also have daily asanas and breathing meditations to practice at home while your body adjusts to your core release. This brings patience and spaciousness that can awaken your hidden Kundalini energy so you experience a spaciousness in your spine that gives your muscles the much needed rest and attention along with discipline to continue spinal opening on a regular basis.

When your spine is opened, your mind is opened.
Svaroopa© yoga is very simple to do, however it takes you doing it regularly for a longer lasting effect. In coming to the blankets and surrounding yourself with conscious body attention, awareness takes form, and then this form turns to emptiness, and you are left with a pure focus, and determination simply in your grace

Finally, in this winter series you’ll gain mastery in touching the essence of your own being. Give yourself a boost this January
to endeavor further into your creative potential.

It’s great to invest in two foam blocks and a meditation shawl and blanket to further your home practice.

Cost sliding scale $5 to $10 per class

Props Needed- A set of 4” foam blocks are recommended as well as a thick blanket

Ajeet !

Ajeet Khalsa is a therapeutic yoga teacher, and prosperity counselor specializing in teaching professionals who do a lot, to recalibrate their spine and have a consistent yoga practice that supports their highest level of awareness, well-being and spirit essence that is the ultimate in prosperity
She studied Kundalini Yoga and Meditation since 1987, first with Yogi Bhajan until his passing run 2002 and now with Sadhguru Nirmalananda with Svaroopa Vidya Ashram.
In Kundalini Yoga and Meditation she is Self-Ignited and initiated as a Shakti Kundalini Yogini and is both a certified E-RYT, RYT AND RCYT with Yoga Alliance. Ajeet is also a certified Svaroopa Foundations teacher sharing the “magic 4” and other simple and slow poses that reliably open the spine and keep your path awakened to your Kundalini.
Ajeet has used yoga to heal long term depression, and anxiety-enabling her to experience life as blissful, joyous and fully inspired by the divine. Born with a weak immune and digestive system, yoga practice for Ajeet has been consistent in healing issues related to gut health, enlivened personal well being and helped her up level conscious relationships; practicing yoga also has helped her to heal arthritic hip joint pain
Ajeet is a happy mom to a wonderful almost graduated-college age son, and for the last 4 summers, has been teaching and sharing kids and adult yoga practices, classes and women’s mental health weekends at a historic yoga retreat and home in rural Maine

Recovery Dharma

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This program, like our recovery, is ours. And to shape it, we’ll need to use as much wisdom, caring, and effort as each of us brings to our own recovery. Recovery Dharma is based on the idea that every one of us is our own guide in recovery, with the help and understanding of our wise friends and sangha. We believe that’s what the Dharma teaches us. So it’s with joy that we extend an invitation to join together to develop our shared path, and to embrace the excitement of creating a truly grass-roots organization to support it.

All are welcome to explore their pats to recovery in Recovery Dharma!

Sunday: Refuge Knox – 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm
Lotus Light Contemplative Community Center
501 Arthur Street, Knoxville, TN 37921

Monday: Refuge Knox – 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Lotus Light Contemplative Community Center
501 Arthur Street, Knoxville, TN 37921

Wednesday: Refuge Knox – 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Lotus Light Contemplative Community Center
501 Arthur Street, Knoxville, TN 37921

Friday: Refuge Knox - 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Lotus Light Contemplative Community Center
501 Arthur Street
Knoxville, TN

Saturday: Refuge Cornerstone – 7pm to Cornerstone of Recovery
4726 Airport Highway
Louisville, TN 37777

6:30 PM
Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church
2931 Kingston Pike
​Knoxville, TN. 37919

Riwo Sancho

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Fire Offering for Purification. Come chant and experience a fire offering for Purification. This is Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana Practice.

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Estatic Dance

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