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Vision- To be a collaborative forum that evangelizes Agile values and principles. LAN will support Loudoun's agile enthusiasts and practitioners and promote continuous learning, thought leadership, knowledge sharing and servant leadership.

Mission - To foster a vibrant community of agile practitioners who are passionate about continuous learning. LAN will be a collaborative forum where people can share real-world experiences, innovative ideas and real stories that inspire action.

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Dr. Agilelove

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Loudoun Agile Network's July meetup features a special talk ‘Dr. Agilelove’ that explores Agile Transformation from a unique perspective of comparing the focus on the transformation journey vs the destination.

“Dr. Agilelove"
How I learned to stop transforming and love the transformation

Change is something that coaches promise and executives want delivered. Yet, it isn’t something that either of them can actually force.

  • How do you actually use the Cynefin framework to begin to help an organization change itself to improve?
  • What are the ways of entering (and therefore causing change) into a system?
  • How can you stop being focused on transforming and an outcome and love the transformation and the place where you are?

Curious to know the answers? Join us in this unique presentation:

Date/Time: Thu, Jul 14 · 7:00 Pm Edt
Format: Virtual
Speaker: Josh Seckel, Agile Leader, Deloitte
Registration: FREE. Sign up now. The link is in the comments
In this information-packed presentation, Josh Seckel, an Agile Transformation guru, and a well-respected Agile leader will share his expert guidance, key insights, and some personal anecdotes about Agile transformation.

Speaker Bio:
Josh is a specialist leader at Deloitte leading the agile practice within the government sector. He is engaged in agile transformations across the federal government. Previously, he led the agile transformation at USCIS as the applied technology division chief. He has been working on government agile for over a decade and regularly presents on topics in that space, including procurement, cultural change, technical change, and unique challenges within government.

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How bad metrics derail Agile transformation

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