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Loudoun Tech Startups is the local group for the emerging and growing Loudoun Tech community to relax, network and learn together. Come out monthly to meet your tech-minded peers, discuss what you're working on, learn from a trending speaker and maybe even find your next opportunity. Loudoun Tech Startups has served the needs of the community since 2012.

This group is sponsored through a partnership between Loudoun County Department of Economic Development and The Mason Enterprise Center-Leesburg.



Please note, this group was created to help tech firms and startups benefit from connecting with one another. Service providers can participate and share their wisdom, but this isn’t a forum to sell services. We appreciate your understanding.

** In the event of poor weather, this group follows Loudoun County Public School's Closure Policy. **

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Being The 1st: How to Succeed When You're First To Market

The Bungalow Lakehouse

Congrats, you have a new tech-solution to a really big problem! You know you can save your ideal customer time and money, but will your customer trust this solution? Being the first provider can feel like you are on a deserted island- how do you bring others on board with your vision? This month we are excited to invite Navin Alexander to discuss his experience in building and selling CalcRite for jails. CalcRite the first cost-effective, automated, and flexible sentence calculation solution that meets the current needs for today's jails and can grow and evolve as the needs change. Learn more about Navin and his product at, https://compustrategies.com/calcrite-for-jails

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