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Beginners' Hands-On Workshop / "Point-Free or Die"

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Amar S.


► Shane Logsdon will lead an interactive workshop for newcomers to Haskell and functional programming.

► Amar Shah will present an early version of his upcoming conference talk, "Point-Free or Die: Tacit Programming in Haskell and Beyond"

◆ Workshop resources

• You should bring a laptop with The Haskell Tool Stack installed and working: Instructions are here (

• You can do some warm-ups here (, before you install anything.

• Need installation help? Ask in the #haskell channel of the slack team. Get an invitation here (

◆ "Point-Free or Die"

• Tacit programming, or programming in the “point-free” style, allows you to define a function without reference to some or all of its arguments. Let’s develop an intuition for point-free programming, probe its origins, and consider its trade-offs. ...More here (

• The Haskell wiki page ( on point-free syntax.

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