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Come practice and improve your leash handling and leadership skills with other dog owners and lovers! These FREE group walks will take place regularly throughout the warmer months across Louisville's many beautiful parks!

What exactly is a "structured" pack walk? A structured pack walk is a walk that focuses on clear communication with your dog using various tools and body language. Structured walks don't just provide a physical workout for your dog, but a mental one too! The aim of these walks is to help improve our dogs social skills by helping them learn impulse control and how to calmly exist around other dogs and humans, as well as to get help troubleshooting any issues your dog is still struggling with on the walk.

**********THE RULES**********

1. All new participants must sign up here ( https://www.newtricksdogtraining.com/free-pack-walks ). If you've attended before, just hit the "Going" button or shoot me an e-mail at Stephanie@NewTricksDogTraining.com
2. All dogs MUST be on a prong collar and/or an e-collar. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is not a "how-to" event, so please attend my free prong collar demonstration or watch the videos on the sign-up link page above. I will be available to help as needed, but there's only 1 of me!
3. No flexi-leashes or long lines allowed. All leashes must be 6 ft or less.
4. Dogs must be walked utilizing the heel command or kept on a "short" leash - ie not enough slack for them to get outside your personal space bubble.
5. If you are nervous about your dog handling skills, please put a yellow or orange bandana on your dog and shoot me a message to let me know. Dogs that wear muzzles are also welcome! Safety first!
6. !!! NO ON-LEASH MEETINGS !!! Many dogs do not like meeting on leash, especially not nose-to-nose. Please do not pet or give treats to other peoples dogs either. There may be dogs at this event who struggle with other dogs/strangers, so upon arrival please try to be as calm as possible (If there is a pup/human pairing that you think you'd like to get to know better, please ask them AFTER the conclusion of the pack walk.).
7. Don't forget to bring water and poop bags!
8. Please wear comfortable, closed toe shoes.

Adherence to these rules allows us to keep our pack walks SAFE and FUN! Anyone not following these rules WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE. Thank you for understanding that the safety of pups and humans alike comes first!

Please note: Occasionally the weather won't cooperate with us and I will have to reschedule pack walks. I will e-mail everyone if I suspect this will happen, but please also check event pages for any updates!

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