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Are you a strong and successful woman in most every aspect of your life, but feel like you need to step more fully into your power in the area of your love relationships and sexuality? Do you feel like you might have patterns around love and romance that aren't serving you, and you're ready to take a look at changing them so you can have all the love in your life that you want, and truly own your sexuality? Then join us!

Hi, Im Spyce, Love Empowerment Coach, creator of Love Cleansing & Embodied Dating! I work with strong women who are successful in every aspect of their life, except love & romance, and are sick to death of the BS! If you are are ready & willing to do what it takes to have exactly what you want in love, then give yourself the gift of working with a Love & Sex Expert who can help you create the change in your life and GET WHAT THE EFF YOU WANT!

I invite you to come to these monthly workshops where you can meet with other strong and successful women in a safe and supportive setting, to look deeply at what's stopping you from having the deep love and intimacy that you desire and deserve. It's a place to gain clarity, have support, and take action towards having exactly what you want in love, romance, dating, and sex!

Topics will vary but they will always be thought provoking, therapeutic, and informative.

Light refreshments are provided
Each month we will discuss the many topics related to being a strong woman, who deserves to have the love relationships and sexual experiences that she wants, and what you can do to create that in your life!
To stay connected in between meetings, join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lovecleansing/

Also feel free to connect via the website: http://www.lovecleansing.com


So maybe you're a kick-ass gal who's really got her head on straight. You know what to do and how to do it. And you have to do it, because, you're the best, maybe only, person for the job. But at the end of the day, who's there for you?
You find yourself wanting love but not being able to find it, or a lasting, successful relationship. Maybe you do find love, but then you give up your power, put your needs on the back burner, become enmeshed in the other person, and struggle with asking for what you want and getting your own needs met. Or maybe you've just decided at this point that you dont need love at all, and its better to just be alone, because no one will ever be able to be there for you anyway.

Love is a a very double edged sword. There's that amazing rush you feel when you meet a kindred spirit, the fiery passion, the caring compassion of true understanding, loyalty, being seen, and the oh so many feels that come with love! But, love can also rip your heart to shreds and destroy your life. So like any illicit and powerful substance, its important to learn how to work with love, so you can get the desired results. The empowering and invigorating parts of love without the pain and heartache. As strong women, we've all been there!

With Love Cleansing, we become aware of the deep wounds that we are carrying around within us, process thru them to come to a place of clarity, and learn tools to manifest new spacious energy. We work to create healthy boundaries and stick to them, learn to ask for what we want, and finally receive the support, love, and clarity we deserve!

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