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"The feminine energy has been shut down so hard on this planet and we are all affected by in some way or another. Returning 'home' to the body and to the feminine energy is one of the most deeply challenging, terrifying and painful experiences any woman can undertake. It involves her embracing her "shadow" and facing all the parts of herself that have been denied, repressed, rejected, shamed lied to and exploited, mostly by those whom she has loved and trusted. The biggest mistake that I find women often make is they think something is wrong with them or they need to know everything. In reality it’s actually the opposite!

"Reclaiming and loving all these many aspects of herself are crucial in order for her to feel herself and her orgasmic bliss to her full capacity; and enjoy her life the way it was intended."

-Roxanna Minonna

“ The average woman has taken in so much toxic negativity into her field, that she is virtually unrecognisable as the magnetic, feminine, delicious creature that she was designed to be. Instead the average modern woman is oriented to the masculine and is therefore exhausted, controlling and fearful.”


Let's talk energy.

It's a loving, lovely truth within you already.

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