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The Love Tribe Oneness Gathering
Master Loveness Wesa is sending is inviting you to come to The Love Tribe Oneness Gathering every Friday evening 7pm-9pm. She will share with you the wisdom of how to bring the high frequency and vibration of Source love and light to every aspect of your life. Whether you are seeking to enhance health, finances and relationships or to advance on your spiritual path of enlightenment by opening your spiritual channels, we are committed to your journey. Many people are seeking ways to open their 3rd eye in order to connect with the soul world. Master Loveness is here to share the safest ways to do just that and much much more, Come experience your own hidden gifts in this Unified Oneness Love Field you have been yearning for

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What we're about

We will help one another remember our purpose of life and learn Ancient and New wisdon that is brough to humanity today by Master Sha. Master Sha is lineage holder of many healing modalities, a Master of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Feng Shui, I-Jing, etc. he is a Soul Healing Master and a Caligraphy Master and more. He is a world respected being today.

The class will help you understand some of the deeper wisdom that hasn't been revealed to humanity and some ancient wisdom that only a few high level student were given by their high level Masters 4000+ years back.

We will use the Soul Song of Love Peace Harmony as our chant, to remove Soul Heart & Mind Blockages that may be causing you disharmony in any aspect of your life: Any aspect of your life includes, relationships, finances, Physical, mental and spiritual bodies and more

Loveness Wesa Euhelio and Linda Watson will be leading the group
Loveness has been trained by Master Sha and is certified to Offer blessings and guidance in your aspects of life that may need transformation

Anyone can attend, we are non religious and every religion is welcome here. Love is our leading force.
We look forward to serving with you, humanity needs more of us as we raise the vibration of ourselves, we raise the vibration of our planet and beyond.
Love you, Love you, Love you

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