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What we’re about

Love Yourself Anyway - Self Love and happiness support Group is an inspirational Meetup Group dedicated to nurturing your relationship with self. Gain insights and practical ways to self-love , personal growth, emotional wellness and happiness with other unique souls in search of healing, empowerment, understanding of self, and fearless expression of self-love!

Your relationship with Self is the most important relationship you will ever have and it starts with YOU.

Hi, I am Della Michelle Founder love yourself Anyway Meetup.
I create and facilitate Life changing emotional wellness Workshops, Masterclasses, and Retreats, that move YOU into action. I am in awe of human potential and our ability to transform our lives when we are ready to change. That's why I am committed to delivering empowering programs that help you in your personal growth and emotional wellness journey.

Wellness is a daily commitment to caring for yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Start today, do one thing that moves you closer to where you want to be in Your Life and life's work.

Love Your Anyway Is an invitation to love ourselves through the process of personal change, self discovery, personal growth, emotional wellness and life itself! Its a declaration that you are absolutely worth your love, time, compassion and acceptance in each and every cycle of your phenomenal life. Yes. Your Life is phenomenal!   It's a reminder that there is no self improvement without self-compassion you have got to love yourself through the process. Loving Yourself Anyway and Self-compassion doesn’t mean choosing the easiest or most pleasurable path. It's the idea that you dont have to be at war with yourself as you contemplate and embark on the next stage of your mental, physical and soul evolution !