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Do you wonder why others are in satisfying loving relationships and you are not? Do you wonder what you're "doing wrong"? Are you confused about what “Intimacy” actually means? (No, it doesn't mean “sex.”) Are you frustrated with one-night stands or platonic dates? Are you ready to create the relationship of your heart’s desire? You deserve it! This Meetup group is dedicated to teaching you the very necessary skills of Intimacy that you need to create deep, long-lasting relationship(s). The end result? You will feel free to express yourself fully, receive others in a loving way and have the very best in communication skills (the most vital ingredient to creating lasting love!). Join us! YOU WILL LEARN TO: *Express yourself in ways that draw people to you. They will want to know you better. *Be present with yourself and others, creating an interpersonal dynamic that provides safety and love. *Feel confident when reaching out to meet someone new. *Effortlessly create fun and easy connections with people. *Create conversations that flow easily and naturally. *Be your authentic self and let others truly see you. Join this experiential Meetup and you'll be on your way to more Intimacy and love in your life! For more information about the Human Awareness Institute our website address is http://www.hai.org

Here is a video where Peter Rengel, a HAi Facilitator, speaks about HAI, Stan Dale, and what the workshops are about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xpn4W2m8tBQ

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