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Do you love to give and receive hugs? Is physical touch one of your love languages? When someone greets you with a handshake do you have a little desire for a hug instead? Does a congratulatory pat on the back make you feel warm like it does for me?! Well, Love to Cuddle may be the group for you!

Touch is a language. Touch speaks volumes without saying a word. But in our tech-crazy world, people are so focused on their phones or computers that they hardly even look at each other for more than 45 seconds, let alone touch each other.

We all need touch and affection that is not just about sex. Nurturing, welcome, consensual, non-sexual touch is good for your body, your heart, and your spirit.

Your nervous system, blood pressure, and emotional health all benefit from healthy, heart-full touch! Love to Cuddle is a group designed to meet that need in our lives!

We invite and welcome you to explore platonic intimacy with like-minded people in an environment that upholds personal boundaries and respect through creating mutual agreements that maximize safety and create a space of easy openness and compassionate connection. That’s my favorite part, actually. Creating the space to practice setting and honoring boundaries. This is such a needed skill, but it’s not always taught or explored.

You can come to our Love to Cuddle group to meet new people, to enjoy amazing conversations, to touch, to be touched, to have fun, to practice asking for what you want, to practice saying “no” to what you don’t want, or just watch — all in a safe place for exploration and enjoyment. Explore conscious connection, authentic consent, empowered boundaries, and nurturing touch!

So, if this sounds like the group for you, please come join us!!

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