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Love yourself enough to heal. Heal yourself enough to thrive.

Love. Heal. Thrive. is a group of like-minded people who are looking to build community and attend classes on a variety of healing subjects. We cover many different topics to provide a unique combination for healing and growth. Class topics include: Monthly Community night, Crystals, Relationships, Pendulums, Empath tools, Intuition Development, Crystal Sound Healing, Digital Detoxing, Life-Grief healing and so much more.

These classes have all been amazing and the community is so welcoming and transformational. We hope you will join us too!

How has Energy Boot Camp helped past attendees?
“Erin Garay is one of the most motivational and inspirational women I know. She opened up a whole new world for me. That’s because Erin has the key to connecting both inner and outer wellbeing to produce lasting and life changing results. Her knowledge and passion for helping people is deep within her soul.” ~Sofia

“Erin has changed my life by opening chakras and healing wounds in ways that I didn’t know were possible. The love and kindness that she radiates in person flows naturally over to her practice and Energy Boot Camps. I always leave feeling honored and blessed to have attended.” ~Tess

Upcoming events (2)

Community Night- Winter Solstice Night

Online event

Join us for a night of early preparation for the Winter Solstice taking place on December 21st. We will discuss the significance of the winter solstice, take part in a wisdom gathering meditation to absorb all the wisdom we have received this year and write letters of all that we want to release as we prepare ourselves for this significant transition into next year. I look forward to seeing you for this final community night of 2020! Be sure to RSVP here and a Zoom link will be emailed to the account associated with your Meetup account 30 minutes before our meeting.

Spiritual Book Club- Flourish

Online event

Join us for a wonderful discussion on Flourish and how to find happiness and optimism in your life! With this unprecedented promise, internationally esteemed psychologist Martin Seligman begins Flourish, his first book in ten years—and the first to present his dynamic new concept of what well-being really is. Traditionally, the goal of psychology has been to relieve human suffering, but the goal of the Positive Psychology movement, which Dr. Seligman has led for fifteen years, is different—it’s about actually raising the bar for the human condition. Flourish builds on Dr. Seligman’s game-changing work on optimism, motivation, and character to show how to get the most out of life, unveiling an electrifying new theory of what makes a good life—for individuals, for communities, and for nations. In a fascinating evolution of thought and practice, Flourish refines what Positive Psychology is all about. While certainly a part of well-being, happiness alone doesn’t give life meaning. Seligman now asks, What is it that enables you to cultivate your talents, to build deep, lasting relationships with others, to feel pleasure, and to contribute meaningfully to the world? In a word, what is it that allows you to flourish? “Well-being” takes the stage front and center, and Happiness (or Positive Emotion) becomes one of the five pillars of Positive Psychology, along with Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment—or PERMA, the permanent building blocks for a life of profound fulfillment. Thought-provoking in its implications for education, economics, therapy, medicine, and public policy—the very fabric of society—Flourish tells inspiring stories of Positive Psychology in action, including how the entire U.S. Army is now trained in emotional resilience; how innovative schools can educate for fulfillment in life and not just for workplace success; and how corporations can improve performance at the same time as they raise employee well-being. With interactive exercises to help readers explore their own attitudes and aims, Flourish is a watershed in the understanding of happiness as well as a tool for getting the most out of life. On the cutting edge of a science that has changed millions of lives, Dr. Seligman now creates the ultimate extension and capstone of his bestselling classics, Authentic Happiness and Learned Optimism. Please RSVP here and a Zoom link will be emailed to the account associated with your Meetup account 30 minutes before our meeting begins. Much love, Ashley & Erin

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