What we're about

**Alias required to join this group.** *Unless your loved one that is personality disordered is deceased.**

**Please do not include identifying information about yourself on the profile.**

**Please do not provide a picture of yourself.**

**You might have to get a separate meetup account to make it easier.**

**I would not recommend showing what other groups you belong to in addition to this group.**

**By listing that you are on this group publicly, people will be confused when they see this on your general meetup profile; people will naturally think that you happen to have a personality disorder yourself.**

**In the beginning phases of this group, as long as the group isn't too large, people with loved ones that are dealing with other personality disorders other than BPD are welcome to be involved with the group. If we get too many people, maybe someone else can start off a splinter group for other personality disorders.**

I'd like to have a group that meets to help support each other through the difficulties of having a loved one (family or friend or significant other) with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). I am not a professional nor do I play one on tv. ha-ha. I just want a very informal environment where we gather a minimum of monthly to be able to talk about what we're going through without feeling like others will be turned off by the reality of what we're talking about and going through. There are so many people I can't talk about this subject with. It would be nice to have an environment where it's ok to talk openly about it.

Some months there will be a loose topic suggested but not strictly followed and other months it might just be completely whatever.

I take the safety and security of this group seriously. I require you use an alias for this particular group to protect your identity from hurting the feelings of your loved ones. I personally am using an alias for that very reason. Do not use your real name. Please do not put a picture on your profile. Even if you feel safe with them not finding you on the group; I do not feel safe as the group leader because some of your loved ones could potentially start harassing me as the group owner. This kind of thing happens a lot.

Also, in the interest of security and safety of the group. I would like to get to know each one of you a little bit before having you attend the group if possible. When I was considering starting up this group-I was warned by many people that the biggest challenge with this group would be people who actually have BPD could potentially try to join the group for a variety of reasons. One of my loved ones actually warned me of this as well that she herself would be tempted to join the group for fun and entertainment reasons. So I will develop a questionnaire.

**People who have been diagnosed with or likely could be diagnosed with a personality disorder of any type might want to find a different group that they would feel more comfortable in.**

I'm looking forward to getting to know each other,


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