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A Warm Welcome to All Lovely Ladies!

I'm looking to cultivate a small, special community of Manhattan-based ladies (in their mid 30s/mid 40s) to join me in making new friends, learning new things, exploring new places, discussing new ideas, tasting new foods, finding new gems ...and keeping the old ones! More specifically, I'm looking to find the most wonderful, like-minded, fun, bright, cultured, interesting, creative, professional, sophisticated, diverse, articulate career women to get to know/grow with/learn from/have a great time around, long-term. So- please be courteous, reliable, warmhearted, punctual, open-minded, trustworthy, intelligent, well-spoken, and communicative.

Our current ladies are all truly amazing, fun, brilliant women from all over the globe, who work in many various fields: (off the top of my head!) technology, medicine, science, education/academia, performing and visual arts, nonprofits, human resources, fashion, artisan craftsmanship, fine arts, interior design, caretaking, accounting, business, management, finance, law, business development, digital media, marketing, sales, merchandising, real estate, television/film production, and journalism- among tons of other fascinating things!

For now, I've scheduled a handful of smallish events so that we can get to know each other, and also due to venue sizes. I'll add in some larger ones later! Please feel free to suggest ideas and start online discussions/polls. If you're interested in an event and can't make it, pls post that so that we can prioritize you next time, and/or make it recurring. If there's a filled wait list, I may expand our reservation if the situation allows. I'm not one to send "reminders", so please be do be aware of our seatings when choosing to RSVP, and pls also check & confirm final details beforehand, as I'll remove unexplained no-shows/chronic last-min rsvp changers.

Please note: We'd like to get a feel of who you are (hopefully all/most of the above!), so pls do answer as completely as you are able. I'd also like to keep this group relatively small to get to know one another, so please chime in occasionally if you're still interested and just happen to be unavailable. If you become removed, please feel free to re-request when you are more free to join us! You are welcome back anytime. We have a giant waitlist, so please be patient, as I'd like to keep this group 'small' (see blurb below). It will grow as we get to know each other and can accommodate.

Please post a headshot with your profile, or send one along with your request, so we can find you. Incomplete requests, non-answers, and/or those without recognizable faces will remain pending.

If you see an upcoming event you would like to attend before we see your request (or have space, thx for your patience!), please feel free to msg me directly, and I will be happy to invite you if there is a space available.

Thanks again- we look forward to meeting you soon!

(PS: amazingly, our small group is very full, and has been for quite a while. We have hundreds of requests, and only a few spaces. Unfortunately, there's nowhere to "pause" membership here, though I usually pare down the membership according to who is no longer available, ~every 4-6 months. In case you are one of these ladies, pls know that you are always welcome back when you're more free to join us!)

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