What we're about

Hello, fellow Old School lovers.

This is a social group for singles and couples who miss the music we grew up with. Whether you sang or danced, rapped or just a music lover, if you grew up in the 70's, 80's and 90's then this is the group for you. Nothing against the new school music but the golden era of hip hop and r&B will always reign supreme.
It brings back memories of yesteryear and will forever be the beginnings of our musical identities. Songs from back in the day hold special places in our hearts and are the essence of our culture.
I started this group so we can have events and gatherings where we will be socializing with grown people listening to grown folks music.
I'm Andrew (DJ Drew) and I just moved back from Atlanta a few years ago where I had a group similar there for years. I love spinning the Old School and I also incorporate music videos and sometimes movies when I do events. I would love to socialize, party and have fun with each and every one of the members and I look forward to seeing you at the events I love to make new friends.

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Old School Halloween Watch Party

Online event

"90's & "2000's Party

Richmond Wine Station

"Friday Night Throwbacks"

Richmond Wine Station

OLD SCHOOL MUSIC CINEMA (Music, Movie & Drinks)

SCOR Sports Center of Richmond

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