What we're about

Imagine a church on the beach without 4 walls and a corporate name. Where church is really just when real people, all trying to figure life out at different stages, come together to be encouraged to keep believing in His love and to keep sharing it. As brothers and sisters in the faith share, you see the waves crash softly on the Long Beach shore and the seagulls fly beautifully over the water as the rising sun makes the ocean shimmer dance. The wind feels slightly cool waking you up while the warm sun shines its light on you. All of this, while soaking in the truth of the living water. This is the Long Beach Christian meetup: Loving God & Loving Others on the Beach.

I can imagine this scene bc I used to go to church on the beach in Torrance. Since I moved to Long Beach, I’ve been aching for faith community outside on the sand like this and couldn’t find it. So, I was thinking of starting up a meetup just to see where it would go. Want to join to see where it goes too?

You should come if:
-You love Jesus or at least want to get to know Him and His Father.
-Want to know more about God & how to practice loving Him with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, and all your strength, even in your human limitation.
-Want to learn how to love others as yourself more.
-You love being outdoors on the beach and would like to learn about how the God who made the universe loves you.

Meetup format:
-Meet at 9am on the beach
-Quick intros
-Speaker w/ sermon or devotional or facilitated discussion about a book
-Reflection/discussion in group
-Finish by 10

Vision for initial cadence & thoughts:
-We can try this once a month at first and adjust the frequency as we want
-We can meet Saturday or Sunday depending on availability
-We can have a different brother or sister speaker brought in each time
-We can adjust the format as we find what works best
-We can all bring some store bought baked goods or coffee if you’d like

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Loving God & Loving Others on the Beach

Yoga on the Bluff

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