What we're about

My goal as a group is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for Beginners to trust themselves and be open to any or all of their 7 Intuitive Gifts.

Teaching "Intuitive Development" group classes provides a way to fine tune the information they get as they advance to Intermediate classes.

7 main senses or Gifts:

clairvoyance (clear seeing),

clairaudience (clear hearing),

clairsentience (clear sensing),

claircognizance (clear knowing),

clairalience (clear smelling),

clairambience (clear tasting)

clairtangency (clear touching/psychometry)

There will be a variety of Free Practice Classes & Advanced Training Workshops:


*Angel Card Readings

*Healing Energy for people & Pets

*Healing Energy with Meridians & Chakras for People & pets

*Hands on Healing with Gemstones for People & pets

*Canine Massage with Energy Healing

*Equine Acupressure with Energy Healing

And Much more that "Spirit & I" have waiting to tell you about

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