What we're about

My goal is Providing Readings and Support While I'm traveling Either by phone or Video While providing a safe, non-judgmental space for Beginners to trust themselves and be open to any or all of their 7 Intuitive Gifts.

Teaching "Intuitive Development" group classes provides a way to fine tune the information they get as they advance to Intermediate classes.

7 main senses or Gifts:

clairvoyance (clear seeing),

clairaudience (clear hearing),

clairsentience (clear sensing),

claircognizance (clear knowing),

clairalience (clear smelling),

clairambience (clear tasting)

clairtangency (clear touching/psychometry)

There will be a variety of Free Practice Classes & Advanced Training Workshops:


*Angel Card Readings

*Healing Energy for people & Pets

*Healing Energy with Meridians & Chakras for People & pets

*Hands on Healing with Gemstones for People & pets

*Canine Massage with Energy Healing

*Equine Acupressure with Energy Healing

And Much more that "Spirit & I" have waiting to tell you about!

I'm Debbie Boucher, a Psychic Intuitive Reader .. for People and Pets

My Gifts: Spirit Medium, Animal Communicator, Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive, etc..

I work with: Spirit, Angels, Guides, Akaschic Records, Angel & Oracle cards, Gemstones, and too much to list..

My Readings are personalized using 1 or all of my gifts together & they work and flow for personalized readings!

I've had the most wonderful, mind boggling journey that has one incredible story after another. Stepping stones I followed on my Intuitive Journey and how I gathered "my tools as a teacher" to share with you!

I LOVE watching my students and friends faces when they light up after turning the key & their intuition is recognized as an old friend they've always had. Beautiful!

I started as a young child with my most noticeable gifts...

claircognizance (clear knowing... Events & anything that pops in my head)

clairaudience (clear hearing... Angels, Guides, Passed Loved ones..People & Pets)

communicating & Energy Healing with People and Pets

(as a toddler I was going to take a a scorpion outside because "He asked me to".. my Mom was not happy haha)

Nobody told me "what" I was doing ~ Yet, I was discouraged from doing "it"

As I grew Up & Peer pressure .. I wanted Reassurance and Validation that what I was doing was "real" not me just being a "Freak"

There were very few groups like these back then..

A few Journey Stories:

So finally I took a couple of years off and traveled wherever "Spirit" sent me.

I would leave to go dancing in a Hotel but end up in a private class with Sylvia Browne.

and then the stepping stones started linking together..

I would be Boogie Boarding 4th of July in Kauai, HI. and while stuck in a rip tide I get a Spirit message "CNA" "CNA - CNA" ... but I don't know what CNA means!

Heading Home on the plane the lady next to me asked "are you a CNA?"

I said no but I've been hearing it all weekend ;) What is it? Certified Nurse Asst.

"I hear you Spirit.. I'll do it in the Morning"

CNA Class starts mid August

The week before CNA class I'm back in Kauai, HI.. Talking to turtles haha

I'm on plane heading home Sunday

School on Monday.

Tuesday in Certified Nurse Assistant class.. A student in class sitting in front of me I could see a Black Spot from cigarette smoking on her Left Lung.. I drew a picture & tried to figure out how do I tell her that I can help her..

But She was intuitive too! We came together at break, I found out she was going to have a Lung Xray after class! So I worked on her in the parking lot after school in front of watt ave. I did my first outside public healing LOL

We felt the energy pull that spot out.. Cool & freaky!

Then "she" told me about her new Grand-baby in ICU (baby J) I KNEW i was needed to help with intensive energy work!

but Spirit turned me around again..

Wednesday morning .. I took my only 3 days sick leave from school and I was put on a plane heading back to Hawaii

1>heading to Kona,HI & doing hours of Energy Healing on "Baby J" while on 5 hour flight was an awesome High energy healing event.. whole flight felt like 10 min.

(*update* Baby J is all charming boy! has a few more challenges as he grows & I am mentoring baby J's Mommy, I haven't explored being a CNA...yet)

Weds In Kona, HI. I had ended up with someones canceled spot with Doreen Virtue "spirit said to hit the refresh button with a full class & Tada I was in"

I went to check in and her assistant said "ohhh we were waiting to meet you.. that class had been full for months we had a waiting list & next thing we knew your name was listed.. nice! Welcome to Doreen's Mediumship class"

MEDIUMSHIP... NOOO! I read "Management" Class for Psychic's!

*WHAT you want me to talk to dead people! on a Microphone!!

I'm too Shy.. With a closed throat? Say it OUT LOUD??!

Ha ha.. Thanks Spirit! Good trick to change the name to "management"

Yes It worked! Yes It was worth it after the Shock.

So Doreen tested me to do a Mediumship Reading for a girl whose family that spoke Chinese only!

In front of Doreen's class holding a Microphone (yes I Love Mike)

The Uncle was very patient & gave me a cross of pictures, pantomime and a movie to "re-tell" to his niece..

The girl Jumped up squealed & gave me the best hug and Validated everything!

*Whew* Did I mention I had a mic & I used to choke up spiritually.

Doreen said, "Well Debbie You are now officially Out of the closet.... The Psychic Closet!"

So I say to you...Welcome to the Freak Club... We've been Expecting you ;)



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