Past Meetup

$45. - 60min. Personal Angel Messages *4/27*Sun 10-4pm *Limited* Call ASAP Appt

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Receive Private Angel Messages!

~ Ask Questions! ~ Get Clarity!

"Ask about your Living or Deceased Loved ones ~ Pets or People"

60min. $45. ~ Call for appt.. [masked] *Limited time special*

What Happens During an Angel Reading?

I communicate directly with your Angels and Guides. I hear and see what they want you to know by connecting with a prayer and using my loving energy. This is a very interactive reading where you can ask questions and talk.

From the first message you will feel your Angels personal loving hug and specific guidance for getting unstuck, uncovering obstacles and discovering your destiny!

And if that info does not answer your questions, you are free to ask about anything that you wish!

Angels NEVER leave you stranded with a negative message. Angels may also send messages thru angel cards, songs, numbers!

These readings will be 60 min for $40.

Contact[masked] ahead of time to secure your spot $40. Drop-Ins Time permitting.

*Reviews Previous event*

T - My first time ever having a reading and I didn't know what Debbie did exactly but my aunt said the messages were life changing for her so I went. OMG I can't believe how something in an hour can really rock your world.

with Debbie's help I was able to release a lot of hurt from my childhood! I felt so light I swear I was floating! God Bless you Debbie you are an Angel too! - T

G- I highly recommend going! I feel safe sharing and I have brought my family on occasion -G

J- My 1st. time meeting Debbie was at HOPE Wellness and 1st. time for psychic reading and this is the real deal! Debbie really is talking to my Angels! - J

P- I got a lot out of my reading. A couple of times I was covered with goosebumps. I feel like a couple of my major questions were answered which has eased my mind tremendously! - P