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This group is centered on low carb high healthy fat (LCHF) way of eating approaches to restore metabolic health and to help the body and mind thrive. Without calorie counting, or hunger, and exercise is optional. It is grounded in the science that real foods that supported great health for humanity for millions of years contained natural fats. And that is the avoidance of natural fats along with the over-consumption of sugar, refined carbs, and seed oils.

When we turned away from foods with natural fats and cholesterol our chronic disease explosion started. The great news is the body and mind want to be healthy. You are geared towards health, not disease. Most modern diseases are driven by insulin resistance which is the natural outcome when the body has to process to much sugar and flours and other refined carbs for too many years. Low carb healthy fat diets address this because less insulin is needed to process this way of eating. And when insulin levels go down, hunger goes down, and the excess body fat most of us have acquired from insulin resistance becomes ‘accessible’ to the body to burn as fuel.

We will meet once every 2 to 3 weeks for an hour or so. Beginners, skeptics, and veterans with LCHF are all welcome. The meetings will be for questions and discussion: what worked, what didn’t, what is tough, how do I get over this plateau? I will bring books, websites, resources, and an LCHF recipe and samples to share. Others are welcome to bring LCHF food to share as well but it is not required.

Who am I? I am an environmental scientist by training with a background in ecology, cultural ecology, and biology. I was morbidly obese for decades before finding and trying LCHF. I lost a 100 lbs in a year and 125 total and reversed many health conditions. My wife has lost 70 lbs and also improved her health. Our story has been in Yahoo, Mark’s Daily Apple, Diet Doctor, and podcasts. I've also completed the training offered by Mark Sisson on Primal Living and I am certified Primal Health Coach.

I’m passionate about helping others because I’ve lived that scientifically-based nutrition advice that works with how human metabolism works is not only more effective, but easier, and much more sustainable. Humans are not chronically ill because they are lazy or gluttonous but because they have been given awful advice by medicine and nutrition. My motto is Smarter Not Harder. I want to help others unlock their health and wellness. While excess body fat is often a part of the transition to an LCHF way of eating, it is a wonderful side effect. The focus is on finding a way of eating that works for you, leaves you full and healthy. Then weight loss, if needed, will take care of itself.



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