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5 Essential Secrets to Getting Your A-Team
Do you have a team of people working for you—or just a collection of employees that drive you crazy? Are you basking in the confidence of knowing you have an A-Team, or still struggling with the shackles of being the only one… There are few areas in business with less shared wisdom and more pooled ignorance than getting good help. Come and get the 5 Essential Secrets to Getting Your A-Team at this month's chapter meeting - How to define Good Help—because you can’t it if you don’t know what it looks like - How to structure your organization to motive you, your employees, and even your customers to do more than should be possible - How to define what "winning" means so everyone in your organization can win—including you - How to Find and Hire Good Help—how to look in the right place and get them to see you as their best choice without paying them a mint - The one critical thing that determines the success or failure of a business when the founder takes a vacation—and makes it 10x more valuable if you want to sell it... There are a lot of "old wives tales" about how to hire good help - and too many of them are pooled ignorance. Dr Malcolm shares some of the cutting edge secrets that have been found to work in super successful organizations around the world - and they probably aren't what you were told at the networking mixer... Master Instructor, International Speaker, and Business Coach, Dr Malcolm Upton will ensure you leave more capable than when you arrived and you will walk out with access to practical tools that you can use Monday morning to start finding good help - maybe even among the people who already work for you... The Tarrant County (2nd Wednesday) edition of our monthly, marketing and business building secrets revealed event We start with open networking at 11:30, followed by around the table in time for the presentation to start at 12:00 - we finish by 1:15, but allow time to network after the presentation as well.

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