What we're about

Lower Bucks Guided Chaos Martial Arts Club

A club for learning martial skills that could save your life and will improve your balance and coordination - grease for the wheels of any other athletic endeavors. While there is an element of competitive work in order to improve our abilities together, the environment will not be ego-driven.

Who is it for?

All body types are welcome and can benefit. Expect knee-friendly light cardio, the core training is no more strenuous than Tai Chi.

Athletic people who would like to "go hard" can do so with myself and others interested. Guided Chaos includes something for everyone. Dirty Boxing and Modified Native American Ground Fighting are aspects of the Art that are more athletic and are optional.

What is Guided Chaos? That's an odd name!

Real Combat is Chaos, the key to survival is masterful movement.

https://guidedchaos.kartra.com/page/HOME (Video on Home Page)
https://guidedchaos.kartra.com/page/endorsements - From Navy Seals/Delta Force to Martial Arts Masters to Neuroscience PhDs

Someone is always stronger, bigger, "faster" than you - facing multiple attackers an all too common occurrence.
Practically all Martial Arts focus on teaching and drilling specific techniques. The hope is that over time masterful movement will emerge as a byproduct of formulaic training.
A unique, American style, Guided Chaos instead asks "What is Mastery?", then focuses directly on developing your ability to move efficiently and effectively within the body you possess to provide your best chance to prevail in any conflict. The results are surprising - Guided Chaos employs scientifically developed and tested techniques that enable you to learn real-world martial skills 4-5 times faster than traditional Martial Arts training.

Is there an Instructor?

Nope - you have, me, a 2 1/2 year enthusiast (5 years previous in other styles) who is an experienced teacher in a general sense who guide you. Classes taught by (ret.) Lt Col Al Ridenhour, Guided Chaos Master Chief Instructor, are available in Philadelphia twice monthly on Saturdays for those interested.


LA Fitness in Langhorne suits me or perhaps another venue can be decided by the group.


Regular Club meeting times to be determined by the group.

Initial Meeting

4 PM Saturday at Barnes and Nobles bookstore in Langhorne at the internal Starbucks, just to talk and set things up.

Upcoming events (1)

1st Training Session: Venue: LA Fitness in Langhorne

Courtyard-Lanhgorne, 7 Cabot Blvd E

We will be having the first training session. I will introduce myself and the basics of Guided Chaos, and we will go through some basic drills and Contact Flow. Loose clothes and athletic footwear will be appropriate. Regarding Venue: Likely this 1st session can be comped, yet at some point in the future, attendees will have to join LA Fitness in order for us to continue to utilize this venue. I have chosen it as a venue due to good availability of training space for us to utilize without interruption (I simply reserve a squash court), always open hours, and its value as a gym membership when not GC training. The slightly cheaper yet smaller venues in the area have limited availability for space for GC training or would require a large amount of money for us to reserve an over-large space - I've checked a lot of places out in that regard.

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