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What is our group about?

We connect together as a group of people who want to hike and build a love and greater appreciation of the outdoors. We recognize that life comes at different speeds for all of us, and we share the challenges that hiking brings to us as a group. We are inclusive to folks of all (dis)abilities, and that will always remain at the core of our values. Our group is not about who is the fastest hiker. Our group does not feel the need to make a "mad dash" to the summit or to complete a trail in record time. We all share the same thoughts and challenges that hiking brings to our lives.

What are our goals?

Our goals are simple. We want to enjoy hiking as a group. We will work hard and look out for each other as a group. Safety is very important to us. We don’t believe in leaving people behind. We will cheer each other on and have fun hiking. We will encourage each other and take our time and make sure we all complete the hike to the summit together. We are a social group. Our goal is to facilitate connections that will develop into friendships and eventually meaningful relationships.

"Because when one person connects, his or her life changes, but when everyone is connected our world changes." - Michael, event host

How did it start?

This group was inspired by the interest of folks who have a range of diverse-abilities. Some of us use mobility aids or just think a little bit outside the box, so we began to organize hikes and walks that suit all different types of people. We want to welcome those who are brand new to hiking, those who are experienced, those who want to try something new, or those who just want to have a lovely afternoon with some good people. We look forward to connecting with you!

You can also check out our Facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/325079481164226/). Happy Hiking!




While the utmost care is taken to research the “Lower Mainland Hikes and Adventures Meetup Group”'s excursions fully, and rate them according to level of difficulty, provide detailed “what to bring” instructions, and then ensure the safest possible environment for attendees during events, the nature of our recreational activities is inherently risky. All participants MUST determine and take responsibility for their own ability and preparedness while participating in one of our planned events. Your participation is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

In order to provide legal protection to our organizers – those energetic volunteers who spend their valuable time researching, planning, and leading multi-leveled events for members and their guests – beginning immediately we require all attendees to sign a legal waiver before participating in any posted event. Your signature on this form will be your legally binding acknowledgement of your understanding and acceptance of all associated risks.

How It Works

Organizers will arrive at the meetup location with the waiver form, which will then be passed around for the signatures of all participants, and witnessed, prior to the start of the event. Only those who sign the form will be permitted to participate.

In the event that it is not possible for the organizers to have and pass around a physical copy of the waiver: by RSVPing 'YES' and attending one of our scheduled events, you are consenting that you are aware of any potential risks, and waive all liability to the "Lower Mainland Hikes and Adventures Meetup Group" for any illness, injury, or death, occurring before, during, or after one of our scheduled events.

Please Read Prior to Signing Up For Any Posted Event

The waiver is posted here. For efficiency, we request that you READ THIS FORM IN ITS ENTIRETY prior to signing up for any posted event. In this way, all attendees will know exactly what they are being asked to sign on the day of the event, expediting the process and enabling us all to get out and enjoy our outdoor landscape as quickly as possible.

If, upon reading the waiver, you feel unprepared to sign it in order to attend the “Lower Mainland Hikes and Adventures Meetup Group”'s events, please note that there are many other hiking groups operating in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia that may be more suitable for you for a variety of reasons.

We thank you for your attention to this important matter.

**Due to a high number of "no-shows" taking up space and forcing others to miss out on opportunities, we are now tracking attendance, and you will be removed from the group following TWO no-shows.**

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