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Hey Everyone! We are a New Jersey & Philadelphia Local Group of Collaborative, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Real Estate Professionals from all backgrounds and expertise. What makes us THRIVE is how we are aligned with our values of Growth. Collaboration & Abundance. OUR MISSION; Abundant Collaboration to Succeed by Developing Local Communities built on Financial Literacy, Self Development, Business & Real Estate Investing! We are currently located in New York, Philadelphia. New Jersey & Baltimore. Best part is... WE RUN WEEKLY MEETUPS AT EACH LOCATION!


We meet consistently to study& mastermind together with the Goal of improving our FINANCIAL IQ & STRATEGIES, understand how businesses help us pay less in taxes, other tax strategies, creating financial freedom with CASHFLOW, and so much more! Conversations are never the same, and there is always tremendous VALUE to be gained!

Want to learn more Marketing skills and techniques to find OFF MARKET investment properties??

Want to have the knowledge to create winning situations with Sellers and Investors?? (Creative Acquisitions Strategies)

We have software and access to data from within our Network to make that easier for everyone too! Meeting weekly enables and empowers us to be consistent in all aspects of our Life and Business, as well as create the SUPPORT SYSTEM for all Investors to mastermind on the different strategies that are working or not working in the most current market.

So, if you have been looking for a place to go and meet not just investors, but friends and family who always have the best intentions for one another's Business and Lifestyle, You do not have to look any further! We are here and open to all LIKE-MINDED Individuals to create as much OPPORTUNITY for Everyone!

Upcoming events (5+)

Somerset Real Estate Investing Collaboratory

Flipstarters Head Quarters

• What we'll do Here we go again! Another great time for us to get back to the drawing boards! Come Learn how to get started making money ‘Flipping Houses’, or Contracts, right here in your local area. Learn how to acquire the best income producing properties that can gain you huge profits! Meet and network with other real estate investors and real estate professionals in your area who are currently buying and selling real estate. How to replicate our success by learning our systems flipping real estate with no money out of pocket strategies. Learn how you can invest successfully on a part-time basis with little to no experience. • What to bring Something to take notes and questions that help your business, TODAY • Important to know We meet Every week! Join us and see why!

Philadelphia REI Study Session

Needs a location

We will provide the location once you are RSVP'd! • What we'll do Learn about different banking, tax, and business strategies calibrated to DESIGNing and GROWing your Real Estate Investing Business. Collaboratively, we talk about our takeaways and create action plans that we can implement tomorrow. Start Building Wealth in Real Estate in Philadelphia - Top 5 Things You'll Learn at the Event: We will be introducing our new Deal Funding Program and Lead Distribution Platform that you can get started with NEXT WEEK!!! - Learn how to get started making money 'Flipping Houses' right here in your local area. - Learn how to acquire the best income producing properties that can gain you huge profits! - Meet and network with other real estate investors and real estate professionals in your area who are currently buying and selling Real Estate. - How to replicate our success by learning our systems for flipping real estate with no money out of pocket - Learn how you can invest successfully on a part time basis with little to no experience. Learn How To Invest: 1. Learn how you can purchase discounted real estate in a self-directed retirement account. ~ This is a powerful wealth building strategy because profits can grow in a tax free or tax deferred environment. 3. Learn how you can utilize other peoples’ money to fund Real Estate Deals. ~ This is perfect for people who want to get started yet don’t have a lot of money 5. Discover a little known passive income real estate investment vehicle which offer maximum interest rates between 12% and 18%, or even more depending on the state. This investment strategy is supported by United States Law, backed by Real Estate, and has been around for over 100 years. 6. See why people, just like you, are making money and having a lot of success using these investing strategies, techniques and systems. If you’d like to expose yourself to our Environment, RSVP right now and be sure to come with an open mind! See you soon : ) • What to bring Pen, Paper, and a question that will give you an action step to generate movement toward your goals.

HUB of our REI Collaboratory & Study Group!

Cherry Hill

• What we'll do Connect on a weekly basis to collaborate, analyze and work together to execute the right real estate investments. We analyze leads every week, discuss different banking, tax & business strategies that help us design and build our real estate investing company. Finally, work with other business professionals and entrepreneurs who share local market knowledge (active flippers, lenders, contractors, wholesalers, lawyers, accountants, agents... and the list goes on...) How would you like IMMEDIATE ACCESS to properties that YOU can market right away and start making thousands of dollars? How would you like FUNDING for all of your deals? If for some reason you haven’t started with us, you’ve got to come check out our new setup. You may or may not have attended one of our prior meetings when we were ramping this up, but now we have 3 dedicated offices and over 400+ community collaborators for you to connect with and figure out who has similar goals and visions as you to partner and grow with. -We hold WEEKLY study groups, going on for over two years now! -We guide people through real estate deals, mock and REAL DEALS! -Identify strategic partnerships and investment strategies in the current market -Introducing our new Private Lenders (that will fund all of your deals) - 2 Social media groups to connect with - Daily morning calls (Monday - Thursday @8am) to connect and receive extra guidance from the group to assure you start your day off with the right action steps and questions to keep making progress. Join us at our new office this Thursday, 7pm and let’s get started. Location: This is a private event so Once you RSVP AND REGISTER, you will receive a confirmation message and email w/ the address • What to bring Paper, Pen, and a question or desired relationship that will create an action step to help you move closer to your goals! "This community is like getting into business for yourself, but not by yourself, because we help one another buy assets, not liabilities."

Study Session and Framily Introduction ~ New York City

Needs a location

• What we'll do At this meeting we talk about the four biggest money making opportunities (Foreclosures, Short Sales, Auctions and REO) for a Real Estate Investor in today's market. You will get to meet some local investors that are investing in our local market and making $10,000 to $67,000 per real estate transaction. We will also talk about Long Term Wealthy building. This way you can pass your wealth on to future generations. We cover a few things on taxes and other ways to make money working with our team. • What to bring Something to take notes with and questions related to your business and actionable steps for tomorrow. • Important to know We network for about 20 minutes before and after event, so be prompt if you plan to connect with others!

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