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LUCID EXPLORERS focuses on educating people about Lucid Dreaming and Astral Traveling, as well as offers a support "Dream Group" for those who are actively interested in Lucid Dreaming and OBEs.

Classes are offered on all aspects of Lucid Dreaming and Astral Traveling, from the basics to the higher levels.

Some classes that will be offered:

• Lucid Dreaming 101

• The importance of journaling, incubation, and meditation

• Lucid Dreaming Tips & Tools

• Lucid Dreaming Techniques in detail

• What to do once you're Lucid Dreaming

• Healing Dreams: How to have them and what you can do

• Dreaming and Your Spiritual Evolution

• Facing & Transmuting Your Fears: How to empower yourself through your fears

• Astral Traveling 101

• Astral Traveling Techniques in detail

• What to do once you're out-of-body

For more information, you can check out my website at http://www.lucidexplorers.org


The other integral aspect of LUCID EXPLORERS is its "Dream Group" which is open to anyone who is interested in dreaming and consciousness. Here we will discuss lucid dreaming techniques, OBEs, lucidity, and dream journaling.

This Dream Group is a support group of sorts where everyone can share and benefit from everyone's experiences as well as learn from each other what we are capable of.

This group is specifically focused on helping each person further their own abilities, while supporting other members in developing theirs.

Because of this, we expect members to take a serious approach by committing to self-growth and personal development within the group. We do this by giving ourselves goals and self-assigned homework, and by working towards meeting our own goals. The group is there to help support us while we move towards our goals.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at now, or how successful you’ve been so far. We welcome anyone at any level.

It is also important that each person feel respected and honored in sharing their dream experiences. So it is agreed that what is shared in the group stays in the group. This way, each member can feel comfortable opening up in a warm and supportive environment.

It is important to please be respectful towards one another and be a supportive listener.

While we do offer ideas and support to one another, please do not be definitive about someone else’s experiences. We cannot assume to know more about someone’s experiences than the person themselves.

Additionally we believe that all things are possible, so it is important to support each person’s experiences regardless whether we have had the same experiences. Everyone’s experiences are valid!

We also believe that lucid dreaming and astral traveling are a part of our spiritual development, and so therefore look to these experiences for guidance and wisdom. We, as a group are not interested in questioning how and why lucid dreaming or astral traveling occur, instead, we focus on what can be learned and gained from our experiences.

The feel of this group is one of exploration and play! We want to have fun in our exploration most of all!

You can also learn more about Lucid Dreaming and OBEs on my website:


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VIRTUAL Lucid Dreaming & OBE Education and Support Group

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VIRTUAL Lucid Dreaming & OBE Education and Support Group

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