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A sweet calm comes from sharing in synchronous sounds together. Lets sing to help us find steadiness during this unsettling time.
Lullabies Sung for a Troubled World

with Murray Black and Sandra Ainsley


Date And Time:

Sun, May 10th, 2020

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT

*Are you inspired to connect and sing online with others?

*Are you moved by seeing people singing together naturally coming into play on many socially distanced stages of the world at this time?

*Singing together can help us find steadiness during this unsettling time.

*A sense of more safety comes from sharing synchronous sounds with other people singing.

*It is in our human nature to sing together to calm and co- regulate.

*Lullabies can lull you into calm! They go to work as a natural softening agent to promote energetically a space to calm in from whatever we're going through.


Together we will be singing an original lullaby "Sleep little Angel"

-written by Murray Black and Sandra Ainsley

"Sleep little Angel"

Sleep little Angel

Sleep precious one.

Rest from worry,

The day is nearly done.

Close your eyes

Rest for a while,

Tomorrow is just a dream away.


This is how our event will go:

Sandra Ainsley- Somatic -Oriented Mystic Healer

We will first naturally welcome and acknowledge each other. As our presenter Sandra will facilitate the proceedings. Also, in-between when we're singing she will encourage us to consciously breathe together. This can calm our nervous systems and stop to notice perhaps the touching vibes of connecting and singing together. We will also sing out intentionally in "The Four Directions of Compassion" which Sandra created for the group. (She is also available as a coach for private online sessions.)

Murray Black is an ever evolving professional musician, he plays guitar for us and introduces us to singing the lullaby that he and Sandra wrote. They wrote this lullaby called Sleep Little Angel to promote compassion and offer respite in the present challenges we face as a world.

We will mostly interactively weave our singing voices through call and response.

We will also sing individually in a round and even in Zoom lag time together just to be with each other. After all we're not trying to win an academy award. It's just about being together. Last time even though it happened, it was kinda sweet as it gave us an echo of our singing after we stopped.

Also, the take-away is our go-to lullaby "Sleep Little Angel" to have in your "back pocket" for getting your lullaby on anytime!

*I'm new with this technology and learning through as we go. So my apologies.

Hope to see you there!


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