Reiki Sound Bath for Mind & Body

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The intention of this evening is to take time to rest and fully receive.

This class will begin with a hand massage (if desired) as you are lead in a guided meditation to surrender into the experience and then deepen your relaxation with a symphony of sound.

You will then be guided through a few gentle and supported stretches, encouraging the body to open, let go and relax while receiving hands on and/or hands off Reiki. During this time chanting music will play. This vibrations of this music, the sounds and the chanting can be healing to the body, mind and soul. The chanting can also give you a soft focus when the mind wanders.

The music will continue as we close our evening in Savasana (Corpse Pose). Traditionally this pose is laying on your back but you are welcome to find a position that is comfortable for you. During our final resting pose you will receive touch on your head AND your feet (if desired). The final massage can include essential oils. Please disclose any allergies.

As we return to the room there will be time for sharing.

Please note you are laying on the floor for this workshop. Please bring something comfortable to lay on. It can also be helpful to have a pillow and blanket. There are some mats and blankets in the studio but supplies are limited. Please make sure you bring items that will help make this experience as relaxing and supportive for you as possible. Please note that the poses are suggestions and not required. If you are uncomfortable please feel free to quietly change positions respecting the energy of the room.

List of items to bring to make your experience more enjoyable:
Yoga mat or something to lay on
Eye mask or pillow

Due to the hands on nature of this class you will be asked to sign waivers. Please arrive with enough time to sign a waiver and settle in so that we can begin at 7pm.

Cost $30

***Please RSVP as there is limited space to this event. We also appreciate that you honour your RSVP