Sacred Sisterhood Circle


You are invited to join a sacred sisterhood of women who come together in love to support, empower and celebrate each other. Coming together in sisterhood gives us the opportunity to feel held, supported, loved, witnessed, celebrated and listened too.

When we gather in sisterhood, we will hold the intention to create a safe and loving space for women share their experiences and to explore our conditioning and beliefs about being a woman and our bodies. We will be given an opportunity to begin to feel love and compassion for ourselves as we feel loved and supported through the eyes and energies of the group. We will learn to celebrate each together, to open to more joy, passion, creativity and pleasure.

The group energy will allow us to feel and begin to access the power of being a woman, of the divine feminine, of our bodies, our strength, radiance and creativity. Reclaiming our bodies is an invitation to tap in, to experience and listen to our sensations. We can begin to trust our sensations and allow them to move more freely in our bodies and our lives. We will have the opportunity to begin to tap into the wisdom of our feminine nature, our bodies, our sensations and emotions.

Each gathering will be slightly different, each one exploring different energies and themes. This will be a space to feel a true embodied sense of safety, to feel a sense of belonging, to feel connected to other women in a loving way, we will hold space for one another as we are given to the opportunity to show up in vulnerability. We may explore energies such as reclaim our Divine nature as women, to find our authentic voice, to connect with the wisdom of our bodies, our intuitive abilities, the gifts of honouring the Divine Feminine within and balancing it with a healthy Divine Masculine. We will have the opportunity to expand our capacity for joy and pleasure, to embody confidence, radiance, self-expression, self-love, self-compassion and explore the creative energies that exist within each of us.

This workshop may include: meditation, dance, movement, gentle yoga, breath, art, creative expression, sharing, group and partner exercises, sounding, and journaling.

This workshop is open to all women.

Alana is a Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, and Thai Massage Practitioner Alana. She is so honoured to be hosted these circles. She is passionate about helping woman feel connected to their bodies and their inner radiance.