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What we’re about

Dr. Holly Sullenger is a seasoned veteran in the field of corporate speaking, training and consulting.  She offers corporate speaking services and seminar facilitation in the areas of leadership, professional development and technology.

Throughout her professional career, Dr. Holly has trained individuals representing many different occupations and industries. She is a sought-after speaker known for being able to present high-level topics in ways that make the content easy to understand, to assimilate, and to act on.

Dr. Holly has led five different corporate training centers, helping each to offer current and relevant courses while insuring profitability. Through all of it, Dr. Holly started and continues to run her own successful speaking, training and consulting business known as Dr. Holly Speaks.

Dr. Holly combines an in-depth knowledge of business and industry with adult-education techniques and an easy-going humor which allows her to bring unparalleled knowledge and assistance to those she partners with.