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How Humanity Became a Space-faring Species
Humans have achieved amazing things in aviation and, later, human spaceflight, and we are poised on the edge of a new revolution in commercial and tourism spaceflight. But how did we become a species that can fly and go into space? This lecture will present an historical view into the cultural history of human spaceflight that winds around the world over a thousand years. From the ancient myth of Icarus to the invention of gun powder in China, we will trace the evolution of rockets and science from the ancient astronomers and Arab scientists, to the European renaissance to the cold war space race, from Werner Von Braun to Elon Musk. It is a fascinating and interwoven tale of discovery and destruction, that leads right to your doorway with our modern telecommunications and GPS satellites. How did we get the ability to put humans into space? Will you get to go? Come and learn how we got here, and where we will go next. Professor Scott Madry is a research associate professor of archaeology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and was on the faculty of the International Space University of Strasbourg, France for over 23 years. He was formerly a NASA scientist, and was on the faculty of Rutgers University, and is a frequent lecturer in Silicon Valley and around the world. He has written 4 books and many articles on space, space applications, technology, and the cultural aspects of technologies. Scott is known for being an engaging and entertaining speaker. • What to bring Bring yourself, a brown-bag lunch, a business card (to enter into our door prize drawing), and a friend! • Important to know This seminar will begin promptly at 12pm and will end around 1:30pm - with the last 15-30 minutes open to questions from attendees. Bring a business card and enter into our drawing for a free half-day technology class (value $129). Water and sweets will be provided. This event is free, and parking is free!

McKimmon Center, 1101 Gorman St, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27606

McKimmon Center, 1101 Gorman St, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27606 · Raleigh, No