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Karaoke Night
Karaoke night... In a Pub... Most people will tell you Alcohol and Microphones don't mix, but I guarantee you I sound better after a few pints! Come out for a laugh and a listen or be brave enough to be Bowie. If yer on the fence remember Karaoke's not for the people who can sing... there's Xfactor for that. It's for the people who wanna have fun. This is England, we love anyone with the stones to put themselves out there! So I'll be out there with a few misfits I work with, and it'd be great to have a few familiar faces, or a few new ones. Everyone is welcome. If you're up for something a bit different to the standard pub night, this'll be a quality night. And if you just fancy a drink, pull up a table. Hope to catch you there!

The Barrels

Swifts Green Road Cannon Lane · Luton