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Sometimes being good at something isn't enough. What's the missing piece? It IS who you know. We've all heard that phrase: "It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know." How quickly could you advance your career and personal life if you had a network of powerful VIPs and experts by your side to give you one-on-one guidance and “inside” information? And do you know that those VIPs actually need you in order to expand their powerful networks? With this Group we want to move past sayings like “build a network!” into the actual specifics of DOING it. We want to build the support network that everyone needs to success in Luxembourg. We want to build personal relationships that extend into business. If you think now is the time to build or expand your network -- then this meetup is just for you!

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Copywriting Best Practices

9 Rue du Laboratoire

Build Your Online Business - From Scratch to Launch

House of Entrepreneurship

Introduction to E-Commerce

House of Entrepreneurship

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