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When I tell people that I moved to Luxembourg from San Francisco, I always get asked, "Why would you move here from San Francisco! It's so cool, inclusive and progressive and fun there! I want to move there!" and while I am not disagreeing that it is a special place, I always cringe at this statement because places like San Francisco attract very educated and talented people because of its inclusiveness, culture and openness to new ideas and ways of doing business.

I want to ask people "Stop moving to the places that you think are already cool, and make the place you already live in cool. You have the power to do it, and by taking action where you are, you are helping many more people have access to inclusive environments and communities, so let's join together and move forward and meet our country ( or our new country for some) where it is.

Meet together with other people who wish to be more involved in taking action and encouraging a stronger community who works for sustainability, inclusion and social action.

We all have the capacity to make a difference. Let’s put our efforts together!

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