Past Meetup

Lets go Aare swimming!


If swimming in a river is still on the list of things you haven't done in life, heres your chance.

It's summer time and the famous Aare river in Berne should be warm enough to swim, see this video for more information.

Since I've been living in Lucerne, I've only gone back one time to do it. Now with the stable weather, there might be another chance.
I will act as your "local" guide and show you how to enter and exit the river and also give you some general information on the area.

Preconditions: You must be able to swim on your own as I can't keep track of you in the big river. However, it's easy if you know how to swim.

We will have to go to Berne first, the train goes every hour and takes exactly 60 minutes.

I will postpone or cancel this meetup if the conditions are not right (means Aare too cold or rain at or days before the meetup as the river will carry all the rain water).

What to bring:
Flipflops are essential for walking, the surface of the path next to the river is very hot!
Water shoes are even better as they protect you from the rocks in the river.

I will bring at least one swimming bag where various items can be stored, no electronics please ;)
We will stop at the Marzili Freibad, there are some lockers available.

What not to bring:
Any flotation devices, they do not belong in the river.

*** This trip isn't for young kids! ***

And, lastly, a general disclaimer:
* The organizer is not responsible for any bodily injury or other accidents that might happen. By signing up on this activity, the participants agree that the organizer will not be held responsible in any way.

We will meet at platform 8 at the Lucerne train station, the train departs at 1pm. The river is slowly heating up so theres no need to get there early. This meetup will happen with any number of participants. I will go there no matter what ;-)

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