What we're about

We all are on this continuum called life. It’s a journey, and regardless of whatever point we’re at, there’s always new “levels” available to us.

Whether it’s trying something new, saying “yes” to yourself, learning how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable; this village is here to encourage you to tap into your fullest potential.

Lvl’d Up Lvn Meet ups are focused on fueling a) the self and b) the collective; creating spaces for you to step outside your box, grow, fellowship, & have fun. You can’t rely on ANYONE to live your life and your most abundant life is waiting for you despite your fears, circumstances, or opinions.

This community of “Levelers” are imperfectly perfect, flawed but flawless, and possibly bruised but not broken, but we’re taking charge of our lives, one level at a time.

Let’s get it!

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