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Concerned about climate change? About species becoming extinct? About Brexit, or the lack of it? About punishing austerity?
Want to understand more about environmental or political science?

Been to or know about sustainable communities like Cuba, or eco-communes in the UK and want to build resourcefulness, and a caring community here?

socialist, communist, "Corbynist" or religious/spiritual and think we need to change this society now?

I am a doctor recently moved to Lymm with my young family and am looking to meet others interested in building and growing our community in Lymm to bring courage, equality, care, and resourcefulness to each other in the face of climate breakdown and an uncertain, frightening future.

I love singing, acting, poetry, art and am very keen to learn gardening and growing.

I wondered if people might be interested in working a shared allotment plot (I'm on the waiting list, but you may have one?), or doing some "re-wilding", supporting other local environmental and social projects, a Marxist discussion group, teaching each other our skills (happy to relearn and teach my medical skills/knowledge), or even a play reading of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, or playing/singing some socialist songs to begin with to grow our community.

I would love to be inclusive to families and people of all ages and abilities. I think we will end up with a fight on our hands to save humanity, but we have to start somewhere. These are my ideas of how we might start, so I'm happy to gauge different people's interest.

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