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Events at Vector Space, Lynchburg's Makerspace. We are a community of makers interested in woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing, textiles, electronics, computer programming, design and more. Located on Fifth Street in Lynchburg.

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Intermediate Turning: Wooden Holiday Ornaments

Vector Space

Design and turn Christmas trees and holiday decorations out of exotic woods. This class will introduce intermediate turning techniques on the lathe with instructor Des Black. Take home a holiday keepsake!

There will be sessions available, the first at 1 pm and the second one at 3pm. During the workshop, Des will provide advice and direction as well as finish for your completed wooden tree.

Wood blanks will be provided; students may choose from are Red Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple, Padauk, Walnut, Ambrosia Maple and Purple Heart.

COVID-19 and Class Safety Policies

Participants should wear short sleeves, no jewelry, and long hair must be secured behind the head using a ponytail holder. Safety apparel of a dust mask, full face shield, and leather apron will be required for participants to wear during the class session.

During instruction, there will be physical touch from the instructor as he will need to guide your hand along the lathe as you work for increased safety measures. Masks are recommended during classes at Vector Space.

Required Knowledge: Must have had previous woodturning training.

Class Fee: $65 | Registration: https://vector-space.org/intermediate-turning-wooden-holiday-ornaments

Blacksmithing: Tomahawk

Vector Space

Students will learn various blacksmith skills and the use of the belt grinder to make a throwing tomahawk from a railroad spike. After forging the head, students will fit a wooden handle to their tomahawk, which will then be ready to throw.

This class is recommended for students with some familiarity with blacksmithing and/or woodworking tools and techniques. This is a physically demanding class, as students will be using a heavy hammer for long periods while working on the tomahawk.

Class fee: $65 | Register here: https://vector-space.org/blacksmithing-tomahawk-0

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Beginner Blacksmithing: Hooks

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