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Lets have our first meetup. It will be very exciting, don't miss it.
Dear friends, Welcome to Lynn Self-Empowerment (LSE). Together we are going to be a meetup of leaders, creators, explorers, and makers. Thanks for believing in this dream. It's been our mission for so many years, and we couldn't actually do it without you. Let me seize this opportunity to talk to you about Lynn Self-Empowerment (LSE). Who is Lynn self empowerment(LSE)? Lynn Self-Empowerment (LSE) is a membership based meetup organization of less economic fortunate citizens of Lynn with very good business ideas but lack what it takes to qualify for bank loans to finance their businesses. They have not inherited wealth, have not been able to save from living paycheck-to-paycheck, or been lucky enough to have a relative or friend who can guarantee a loan for their start-up capital needs. What LSE's vision? LSE envisions a world with very rich citizens, where initiatives of the poor are encouraged, where every marginalized individual or group with innovative business ideas will not have a hard time obtaining funding, nor is denied the opportunity to prosper. LSE is here to help its member’s wave poverty good bye. What LSE will do. The Lynn Self-Empowerment (LSE) is here to work directly with the needy and also assist its members meet the collateral requirement that has always prevented most disadvantaged small businesses from obtaining bank loans. Many small business start-ups have failed to take off due to lack of capital. LSE will open up business ownership opportunities to members. The only way to get anyone out of poverty is to give them the tools and teach them how to fish for themselves. Methodology Interested Lynn Self-Empowerment (LSE) members will put all their ideas, resources and minds together and form a master mind that will move mountains. Together we can do big things. Lynn Self-Empowerment (LSE) will start businesses and have the members run them under LSE’s supervision. When the business is well established and has paid off the initial capital plus a 15% interest, full ownership will be transferred to the member. Evaluation The marginalized low income are citizens that have significant needs that are not being currently addressed by existing programs or development efforts. LSE measures success in terms of number of businesses financed, job creation, increased incomes levels, and improved social conditions. Sustainability LSE will survive from year to year through our financial efficiency with the funding we obtain from solicitation of corporate sponsorships and fundraising events. LSE will also receive individual contributions. In-kind contributions will provide an additional source of revenue for all programs as LSE plans to organize big yard sales and also to open a thrift store for these purpose. We plan to continue funding our organization in this manner as long as it is necessary. 15% of profits from all LSE funded businesses will be ploughed back into LSE. Problem statement While it has been proven that new small business ideas bring economic development and create jobs, financial institutions across the nation continue to say no to new small business ideas from the poor. LSE seeks to reverse the negative trends by offering life enhancing opportunities to those in need which will include, but not be limited to, educational support and counseling and financial support. Financial institutions never finance startup businesses for the poor. They ask for collateral the poor can’t provide. It has been proven that new small businesses bring economic development and create jobs, financial institutions say no to new business ideas from the poor. Public assistance makes people comfortable in poverty. In addition to overzealous credit checks, financial institutions also ask for personal contribution of 20% the poor can’t afford. LSE seeks to reverse negative trends by offering life enhancing opportunities to its members which will include business capital. There will be more family time, reduced crime rate and improved standard of living. Out First Meeting: Venue: 583 Chestnut St, Suite 6, Lynn, MA 01904 Date: Saturday, December 02, 2017 Time: 6pm-9pm (3 hours) Agenda: · A round of self-introduction · The purpose and objectives of the Meetup · Share experiences and stories · Share pizza and drinks as we get to know one another · Pick a day to meet every month Our first meeting

Brown Brick Office Building

583 Chestnut St, Suite 6 · Lynn, MA

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Low income or economic unfortunate citizens who have good business ideas but have a hard time getting funding. Those who live pay check to check, have no relative or friend to co-sign a loan for them, they have bad credit not because they are bad debtors but because they just don't have the means, those who are victims of racial discrimination and all those who have been refused a second chance. It should be a "meetup" of economic unfortunate of all racial, multicultural and all religious background.

The meetup will come up with ideas on how to get members out of poverty or any unfortunate situation. Members will brainstorm together on different things that we can do together with what we have to get ourselves out of our present situations. we will put all our minds together to form a master mind that will generate solutions to our problems.

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