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One of the biggest Mississauga area groups on Meetup. MBGU is a non-commercial gathering of people who enjoy like to play board games. We are an inclusive group of people who just want to get together and play games of all kinds, formats, and locales.

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e Adventurers League Avernus

X Planet Games

For information about our events, check out our website at UniteTheFactions.com The D&D Adventurers League is a program to play and organize Dungeons & Dragons games in a unified seasonal storyline. Players that have created a character and have recorded their rewards on a logsheet (see Players Guide link below) can take that character ANYWHERE in the world that D&D Adventurers League games are being played and join in the action! Join Carlo as he takes the Party through The Baldur’s Gate Descent Into Avernus Hardcover Adventure. The most recent D&D AL Player's Guide is always in force, so give it a read: http://www.dmsguild.com/product/208178/DD-Adventurers-League-Players-Pack Please note: There is a $2 sitting fee, which should be paid as soon as you enter the store at the cash register.

Board Game Night with "Milton Board Games Community"

Ned Devine’s

Hey, This is a collaboration with the Milton Board Games Community their group has offered to host people looking for more gaming nights. They meet at a Pub in Milton called, Ned Devine’s not too far from Mississauga. The owner of the place has reserved an area for the gamers, please try to order drinks and/or food when visiting. Just ask for the group by name, Milton Board Games Community. It is best that you RSVP on their site as it is limited to 15 people currently. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MiltonBoardGamersCommunity/

Friday Night Board Games @ Studio 89

Studio 89

Due to COVID-19 these events may be paused. MBGU presents Friday Night Board Games @ Studio 89, again! Great place to test games - lots of demo's to play. All are welcome, and you can bring your own games or try out the ones we already have there. Be mindful that Studio89 generously hosts us so do support them if you are able to. Make a purchase if you can or donation 🙂

D&D 5e: Port Th'elos Adventures - New Players Welcome!

Decode Adventures

Join us this week as the 'Angry Dragon Gang' continues their tour of Port Th'elos Amusement Park! *** Players please have a level 17 character ready!*** •Standard Array or Point Buy for ability scores are preferred, NO ROLLED ABILITY SCORES! •All Adventure League content is allowed, including Feats in place of Ability Score increases where applicable. •Unearthed Arcana and Homebrew content requires approval. Join the Angry Dragon Gang as they continue their tour of the various "rides" at the infamous Port Th'elos Amusement Theme Park! This game is open to all players new and experienced, there will be pre-made characters and additional materials available for anyone that attends! See you at the table! Please note DeCode charges $5 fee for use of the room, but this fee is waived if $5+ food and/or drinks are bought.

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FATE: Super Heroes.

Decode Adventures

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