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ContainerManifesto and qcollect-ng

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This MeetUp is in coorperation with the Signavio Tech Talk #4 (

After talking extensively and loosely about the technical aspects a lot, this meetup is split in two and has a practical and a guidance part.

Metrics processing with qcollect-ng
I recently started a new iteration on my approach to metrics collection and this time I am pretty happy with what I came up with so far. I externalised an ETL framework (qnib/qframe ( which I dubbed 'A framework that allows to model generic ETLs inspired by Logstash'.

The first spin-of is qnib/qcollect-ng ( which spins of collectors, filters and handlers in the context of metrics. One of which is a pretty slick container-stats collector which provides metrics as close to real-time as the docker-engine allows.

Container Manifesto: DO's and DON'ts when building and running a container
In this section I am going to iterate through some rules I came up for myself in order to create sane container images, which allows to iterate towards a better would by not falling into the usual pitfalls.
It builds on top of RedHat's "10 things to avoid in docker containers (".
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