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M2 = Connecting Media and Markets and the M2 Meetups are focused on bringing together the community for Graphics, Animation, Development, VR/AR and Emerging Tech for game development, visual effects, entertainment and enterprise.

Expect to network, meet emerging and innovative companies. We bring in leading industry speakers on business, investments, startups, development, emerging technology, and design. Gain business insights, learn about the latest development issues, and discover local and national resources to support your development and business objectives. The M2 community is open to anyone in technology from investors, established thought-leaders, indie developers, and tech start-ups.

Learn more about M2 Insights Network (https://m2-insights.com/home/) including our publications and resources:

• Games Business Review (https://gamesbusinessreview.com/)

• VR/AR Review (https://vrar-review.com/)

• DevTech Review (https://devtechreview.com/)

• M2 Directory (https://m2-directory.com/)

• M2 Research (https://m2-insights.com/research/)

Past events (7)

E3: Mentors and Mojitos

Don Chente Bar-Grill & Lounge

Intel Buzz Workshop

Technicolor Experience Center

OGA Market Research Summit @ E3

The Palm

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