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Hi all,

Are you looking for Korean friends?

Looking to experience

We are here to look for people who are looking for opportunities of learning authentic Korean culture and who are willing to teach us about their own culture. We would like to have discussion about any differences in between many countries.

What do we do??

We would like to experience different cultures through different activities.

In regular meeting, we will set up topics and discuss about it in the meeting. Every members can bring their own topics or questions that you wanted to ask.

It could be better to use YouTube videos as the source of visuals for better understanding.

We are also open to accept any awesome ideas. Please let us know~

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Let's talk about dating culture!!

8 Park Plaza

For those of who had relationships with Koreans may notice that Koreans have different culture on the relationship. I found many videos of guys and girls having blind dates with Koreans and share their thoughts or opinions on given questions. Let’s watch the videos and discuss how the relationship defers from the Western relationship style. Dating Culture in Korea(counting days, going dutch, skinship) https://youtu.be/VF60zjA3gEo Koreans' thought of values in relationship https://youtu.be/5qYcpMVBfjs

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Meetup AD - Find Your Home With Me~

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