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ML.NET, Machine Learning for .NET Developers! (Cameron Vetter)

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Lance L.


6:00 - 8:00: Presentation

Speakers: Cameron Vetter

Machine Learning is quickly becoming a ubiquitous technology and expected skill of development teams. Python has dominated this space with all of the best libraries and tooling. As a .NET developer, you need to not only understand the terminology and techniques, but also learn a new language. ML.NET provides an alternative allowing you to do some Machine Learning in C#.

This talk will be code heavy, focused on showing as many demos as possible showing how these tools can be used effectively to bring Machine Learning to your .NET team.

The topics covered will include:
• Brief machine learning terminology primer
• Primer on ML.NET and how it compares to other popular tools
• Demos of Classification, Regression, Deep Learning Image Classification, and Clustering

You'll leave with an understanding of ML.NET, how ML .NET can be used in your applications, and some exposure to the structure of working ML.NET solutions.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Developers, Senior Developers, Architects, Technical Leaders
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