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What we’re about

This is a private, closed group. For PUBLIC group:

PRIVATE Group info below....

The Voices of Mental Health ("Voices") is comprised of Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) employees who have lived experience with mental illness or who have cared for a loved one with a mental health condition. 
The Voices seek to educate people about mental health issues.  The members are committed to facilitating an informed, humane and realistic conversation around mental health. It is through telling stories of lived experience and allowing room for an open exchange of information and ideas that the isolation and stigma surrounding mental illness is reduced.  
The Voices are offering this FREE, CONFIDENTIAL group to help any Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) employee faced with a Mental Wellness challenge (Depression, anxiety, worry, PTSD, hoarding, OCD, etc...) through VIDEO meetings with peers.
Everyone in MAG is welcome.
The group gives attendees an opportunity to share with other "like-minded" people how their mental wellness has affected them recently.
The group also allows attendees to get empathy and suggestions from peers (people who have "walked a mile in your shoes") about what has worked well for them to overcome the challenge.
Because of the private nature of what is often shared in the groups, the group is PRIVATE -- so, to join we ask that people SIGN up.