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A common place for the Silent Majority who want to enjoy the company of similar decent people, people who are tired of race baiting, racism, being misjudged, misunderstood, branded/labeled, attacked, and targeted for conservative beliefs.

We are clearly outnumbered here in Los Angeles, so I thought it would be a good idea to start a conservative "Meetup" group, have people join, increase membership, create a grass roots environment and see where it takes us! We can create fun plans for the group like meet ups for upcoming Conservative events, Televised elections, celebrate wins etc! We know who we are and we know we are on the right side of History, so congrats! Looking forward to meeting you!

Oh yeah, my profile photo is me, but maybe not the best version (it's my caveman look to throw off facial recognition, ha!)


I am new to this, but I want you to know that my goal is to insure that we are all in this group for genuine and authentic reasons outlined in "About Us" in the Group heading.

I already know that we have people attempting to join for reasons of disruption, we already have enough of that in our lives here in SoCal! I also know that I can't prevent all Trolling or other ulterior motives from people, but I can make it more difficult for them.

I have made our membership private. To that end, one reason you can be "Removed" from the group, is that you choose in your personal settings "This member chose not to make their Meetup membership information public". By choosing to keep your Meetup info public it will not only help the group get to know each others interests, it will also help weed out potential types who enjoy making trouble. So if you haven't done so, please make your settings public to the group if you would like to join.

On my end, I will do my best to "Ban" any person attempting to join our group whom I feel clearly are antithetical to MAGA.

Please offer any additional ideas you may have for group security as I am still working on the "In and Outs" of the Meetup format.

With much gratitude and appreciation for your courage and loving spirit,


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