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Namaste friends and yogis

Weighing risk versus benefit as you know we made the decision to close the doors at Maha Ji Yoga Meditation rooms last week,in hopes to help curve the worldwide issues of covid-19. This is just the physical space of our practice.

We wish to offer you a sacred space with all of us connected and connecting to Maharani Ji from home.
It is our mission to keep meditation and positive being the centre focus in times of crisis. Let us keep moving with the realisation of the power of meditation to lift our hearts and minds into joy. Our meditation is for all ages ,its light transformation and the highest vibration please join us for free and harness the energy within.
Maharani has expressed her joy at continuing our meditations together with her.

It is our wish to collaborate at the same time in the evening thus making the energy platform around all of us extremely strong which in turn will benefit our family, loved ones ,friends and even our pets.

We are asking that you join us in meditation @9pm on a Tuesday and Thursday Evening for a 21 minutes meditation

If you wish to join the WhatsApp group number shown below Shree Maharani Ji each week will share a moment from her thoughts which we will send forward to all those included in this group and keep you updated with any messages from her.

As we may be required to isolate physically for sometime we do not want to isolate our hearts let us stay united in meditation for peace,harmony and wellbeing.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bavantu

May all beings be happy, healthy and free.

With love and gratitude from the Maha Ji Yoga Meditation Team.

Phone number for the Whatsapp group :
Please send a text to 087 7569716 with full name attached to our Director Micheal Bernard, who shall then add you into the group.

Micheal will take any prayers, requests and photographs to be forward to Shree Maharani Ji directly.

Maha Ji Meditation

This Powerful meditation using prana and mudra techniques it is a cleansing and detoxing practice which brings forth a great wealth of insights and realisations and harmony. Raising your vibration through the use of breath and clear mind focus.

In this practice we guide you through what is known as the Maha Ji meditation. Using the breath to release and let go this intern rebalances the mind and the body which leads us to spiritual oneness.
This meditation is not only for the practising meditators but also for those looking to learn meditation.
In this practice we teach an ancient technique which is simple and easy with instantaneous results to both beginner and those well versed in meditation.

Michael B Cox ,master acupuncturist along with Dr. Francis J Valloor bring you through the supreme technique originally taught by Maharani Ji .Both have been practising and teaching for over 20 years.

We teach this form as it is a powerful meditation which awakens the spiritual power within us , it is also cleansing and detoxing both of us and our chakra centres which intern reaps the rewards of physical and mental well-being.
The results are astonishing and the testimonials speak volumes.

Shree Yamuna Maharani Ji is Divine feminine, she derives from supreme love consciousness.
The reincarnated form of holy Ganga, with the mission of pure love,compassion and forgiveness.This is true oneness with nature,oneness of true self,of God.

Maharani Ji was blessed and anointed before birth to see past the lives we see ,past any physical realms,or past realms,as we know it .

A gift she brings to us is to help the sentient beings remember their true self their essential essence ,to the truth and original purpose.

Maharani Ji transmits light energy in the form of energy healing and multiple blessings ignited through an internal flame of our very inner temple, thus liberating self from endless layers of tournament and suffering.
Her meditation is a Gift .

When practising this meditation you will come into awareness of supreme Grace and you will open your true nature with love of self ,compassion of self ,this is liberation in its self.

We invite you to drop in and experience this gift for yourself from supreme divine love

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Everyone is welcome at this group and we are delighted to welcome everyone. If anyone is suffering from colds and flu at this time of the year best stay home get well and come and join us when you’re feeling that bit better.

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Recommended age 18+

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