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The Math Club is a place where all math lovers come together. We discuss and learn various areas of maths, from elementary to very advanced, graduate level mathematics.

Every meetup is filled with rich topics for discussion in various areas of mathematics. Topics will range from history, philosophy, and math education to the discussion and study of particular areas of math. We also frequently run problem solving sessions for both remedial and advanced areas of mathematics. Problem solving sessions can range from subjects like high school algebra and geometry to college level courses such as calculus, statistics, analysis, abstract algebra, and much more.

Some of the subjects covered in the math club are: Abstract Algebra, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Number Theory, Topology, Combinatorics, Probability, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Statistics, Remedial Math, Mathematics Education.

The Math Club is also great opportunity to meet other fellow math enthusiasts, as well as to make friends and to socialize.


Sometimes some members RSVP Yes and don't show up. This causes a great inconvenience for the Math Club, because we structure our events with the number of attendees in mind. Whether it's the size of the classroom we are going to use or the amount of refreshments we need to purchase for an event, or something else that needs to be considered or prepared. Therefore, we have come up with a policy where members prepay when they RSVP Yes, so that expenses be covered and proper accommodations are made for attendees.

We hope everyone understands the importance of this policy and why we have to operate in this fashion.

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Let's meet and greet and bond over linear algebra.
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Dear Mathematicians, Let us Meet, Greet and Bond over linear algebra. Let us have our first meet-up of the summer. Our first meet-up will be to determine the interests of the group. My interest, at this time, is linear algebra and matrix theory. Be able to impress your friends and family by showing them you can do linear algebra. Students of mathematics you can get a jump on some of the mathematics theory this summer. I must emphasize that I will be looking to go over the very basics of linear algebra for this meet-up. (Adding, subtracting and multiplying matrices.) This will be something you may learn in a 1st year undergraduate course in linear algebra. If you are looking for advanced stuff and know linear algebra, then you can help the members reach this level. Until then we will do the very basics. Linear Algebra has many applications in the sciences (physics, chemistry) and economics. Eventually, I envision doing linear algebra applied to quantum theory. I will supply tools (paper and pencils) so that everyone can enjoy working mathematics problems together and compare answers. Look for meet-up post(s) within the next week. We may meet at NYC Public Library. I am excited about this meet-up. I thank everyone for listening to my long introduction.

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