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The purpose of this group is to bring MBTI enthusiasts together in a social context.

MBTI typology (aka. Myers-Briggs) is a great way to better understand oneself as well as the psychology of those very different from us. It is the most popular personality test in the world today and the one which offers the deepest insights. Far from being just another corporate tool, when it comes to MBTI, the enthusiast community is where it’s at. A quick survey of the internet will show many people who’ve applied it to their personal growth, work and relationships.

At these meetups, you’ll have the opportunity to:

- Meet people with your same type – people of the same type will share similar cognitive processes and will therefore often be in the best position to relate to and support one another. In the past, I’ve found it enlightening to hear how other people navigate the struggles associated with my own type.

- Share insights and deepen your understanding of the theory.

- Learn about the different perspectives of other types and common type-to-type misunderstandings. This is not merely about improving communication and our relationships; it's also about understanding that there are other valid ways of seeing and valuing the world. The values and beliefs we hold are just as much a product of our innate personalities as our upbringing and culture.

- Improve your MBTI typing skills – there's no better way to understand other types than by meeting them in person. Unlike real life where you can't always be sure about a person's, most people at these meetups will be sure of their type.

- Engage in deep, meaningful conversations on all topics, not just MBTI. At it's the deepest level, this theory is about the different ways people relate to themselves and the world. Therefore it has a bit to say about many topics in life such as people and relationships, philosophy, aesthetics, etc. As such, it’s a useful jumping off point for other conversations.

- Make new friends – this is an informal social group.

All personality types are equally welcome. This is a place to socialize with people who wish to understand themselves and other personalities better. The group will aim to meet regularly every month. If you are new to MBTI you can start by taking a simple personality test to discover which type you are (see Resources section).

**We also have a Facebook group if you want to be notified of future events that way - https://www.facebook.com/groups/250827398884483/



(Please message me and I can point you to some helpful resources to get started)

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